Warranty Policy

How to Claim Warranty

Any product distributed/ marketed by TikTech Technologies comes with TikTech authentic product seal and warranty cover sticker pasted on packaging box.

To claim warranty under TikTech warranty cover, a customer can either contact the TikTech authorized reseller to claim his/ her product warranty. Our Authorized reseller will take the claim unit and send it to TikTEch offices for validating the warranty claim once the claim units qualifies to be process under warranty.

TikTech Technologies will issue the replacement unit to be collected from same authorized re-seller. Or customer can contact on TikTech Customer support number 0333-TikTech (8458324), mentioned on warranty cover stickers on the product box. Our Customer support officers will facilitate you to claim your warranty from any area across Pakistan.

Coverage under Warranty

This warranty of the Product extends for a period of 12 months for the official unit(s) commencing from the date of purchase written on the warranty sticker issued by TikTech Technologies.

This warranty covers the All Amazfit & Baseus products except Baseus Cases and Protective product lineup.

Not Covered under Warranty

Any defect arising due to misuse of the unit, damages due to liquid ingress, or physical abuse, or normal wear and tear will not be covered by this warranty.

The warranty is void if the unit is tampered with, altered or repaired by unauthorized persons, and if the sales box/ pack is not complete.

Damages caused to the unit, by accidents, lightning or any other acts of God are not covered by this warranty.

Burns due to any reason like power failure or severe voltage surge will not be covered under warranty.

The box with TikTech warranty sticker must be preserved during the whole warranty period. Customer will be required to present complete product box and retailer’s receipt when handing over unit for warranty claim.


0333-TIKTECH (8458324)

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